Women in Saudi Arabia will be allowed to drive from June 24

Saudi women will have the right to drive cars starting June 24, according to a government statement released on Tuesday.

“All the conditions are there for women to start driving,” said General Mohamed al Basami, director of the Department of Circulation, which reports to the Ministry of the Interior.

The royal decree authorizing women to drive will be applied on June 24, he said.

Women from 18 years old will have the right to pass the driving license test, said Basami.

Five cities of the kingdom have established driving schools for women. Saudis with foreign permits may be exchange  for Saudi documents.

King Salman decided in September 2017 to lift the ban on driving to the Saudis in the framework of a new policy inspired by the young Crown Prince, Mohamed bin Salman

Saudi Arabia, the only country in the world which prohibits women to drive , has been submerged in a series of reforms to generate greater participation of women in economic and social life.

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