Will Manuel Zelaya be the first President of Honduras to pay for his crimes?

In recent days the political class of Honduras has been shaken by the capture of the former first lady Rosa Elena Bonilla de Lobo, accused of transferring about $ 500,000 from a government social program to her personal account four days after the end of her husband’s administration in January 2014. But now a question arises, when will Manuel Zelaya`s administration face the law for their corruption crimes?

openly the former judge of the Supreme Court of Accounts (TSC) Daysi de Anchecta, confirmed in July 2016 that the former president of the republic, José Manuel Zelaya Rosales, his wife and “almost all members of his cabinet” were being investigated for acts of corruption.

Anchecta revealed that a year ago they were investigating Manuel Zelaya and that in a certain moment the former president tried to obstruct the investigation process by not being notified. The former official pointed out that the funds stolen for the so-called “Cuarta Urna” (illegal reelection project) were not only 40 million, but almost 300 million lempiras.

Nobody is above the law

On several occasions Juan Orlando has expressed “nobody in this country is above the law”, also ratified that in his government no one who has been appointed by the justice has had or will have any kind of concessions or privileges, ” whether it’s my relatives, co-religionists, government officials or citizens of other countries.

President Juan Orlando

During the government of Manuel Zelaya, his officials and relatives squandered the government`s money in unmeasured luxuries; to this day none of them have paid for their acts of corruption.

The former supporter of the Mission of Support Against Corruption and Impunity in Honduras (MACCIH), Juan Jiménez Mayor, reported that this agency is investigating acts of corruption during the  former President Manuel Zelaya Rosales administration  (2006-June 2009 ).


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