Vladimir Putin vows for a fourth presidential term in Russia

Vladimir Putin was inaugurated on Monday for a fourth presidential term that will keep him in power until 2024, after 18 years at the head of Russia as head of state or government.

Shortly after the ceremony, Putin again proposed Dmitri Medvedev as prime minister, a candidacy that should be accepted without problems by the Duma, the lower house of parliament.

“I consider it my duty and the meaning of my life to do everything possible for Russia, for its present and for its future,” he declared after taking the oath with the hand on the Constitution in a solemn ceremony at the Great Kremlin Palace in Moscow. , in the presence of the presidents of both chambers of the Russian parliament and the constitutional court.

Putin, re-elected president in March with 76.7% of the vote, the best result since his arrival in power in 2000, he is more than ever the strongest man of Russia, again on the international front line at the price of tensions with the western countries.

“I am particularly aware of my colossal responsibility to each one of you, to Russia,” Putin said during the ceremony. “I will do everything possible to increase the power, prosperity and glory of Russia,” he told deputies, senators and cultural figures from the Kremlin.

He also thanked the Russian people for their “sincere support” and said that the people “are important not only to defend our proposals on the international scene but also (…) for deep positive changes in the interior of the country.”

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