Venezuelan Vice-President describes the EU sanctions as “extortion”

The executive vice president of Venezuela, Delcy Rodríguez, described today as “extortion” the new sanctions imposed by the European Union (EU) against 11 high-level officials of the oil country, and in which she is alleged to violate human rights and Undermine democracy.

“Personal message to the EU before its illegal measures (…), no threat, extortion, arbitrary measure or blackmail will divert my commitment to the history of freedom, dignity and sovereignty that bequeathed us (the Venezuelan Liberator) Simón Bolívar,” Rodríguez said. your Twitter account.

The Venezuelan excanciller also addressed personally to the high representative of Foreign Affairs of the EU, Federica Mogherini, which he authorized to “dispose of alleged assets” in his name in Europe, “which do not exist,” he said.

The EU sanctioned 11 high-level officials of the government of Chavez President Nicolás Maduro on Monday, extending the list to 18 since it was created in January.

For these officials, the EU has imposed a ban on travel to EU territory and the freezing of assets they may have in the Union.

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