Venezuelan parliament approves trial against Nicolás Maduro

With 105 votes in favor and 2 against, the plenary of the National Assembly of Venezuela approved that the preliminary hearing of merit be carried out against Nicolás Maduro; this, because there is sufficient evidence linking him to acts of corruption in the Odebrecht case.

It is a step in the fight against the dictatorship; a situation that although it will not see immediate effects at the national level, will give more arguments to the governments of the world to ignore Maduro as president of Venezuela and if he is found guilty, he will be officially qualified as a delinquent.

The approval given to continue the trial against the dictator was given with a simple majority and with the regulatory quorum.

During the session, the opposition deputies denounced that the regime cutted the internet signal to prevent the live transmission of what was happening; In addition, the State Security forces prevented the entry of the media.

Although the regime of Nicolás Maduro, the chavista and illegitimate TSJ, as well as the fiscal usurper Tarek William Saab assure that the trial session “lacks legitimacy”, the truth is that 16 countries of the region that make up the Grupo de Lima offered their full support to the National Assembly of Venezuela, so their acts are recognized internationally.

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