USA postpones tariffs on metal for EU and Mexico

The Government of the United States postponed today a for month the imposition of tariffs on imports of aluminum and steel to the countries of the European Union (EU), Mexico and Canada, impositions from which exempted indefinitely Argentina, Brazil and Australia, according to the White House.

When the US president, Donald Trump, imposed at the end of March the tariffs of 10% on aluminum and 25% on steel, he exempted these countries from their payment until the next midnight to give a greater margin to the negotiation of parallel commercial agreements with some of the main US partners.

On the initial list of temporarily exempt countries also included South Korea, with which Washington has reached a definitive agreement with which Seoul dodges the payment of tariffs.

Before the imminent expiration, this next midnight, of the initial term, Trump opted today for a “final” extension of another 30 days, until June 1, of the tariff exemption to Mexico, Canada and the European Union, the only countries with those who have not yet reached an agreement.

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