United Nations and Honduras in a positive dialogue

The exploratory mission of the United Nations finally concluded the first phase of the dialogue in Honduras with different political and social sectors of the country as a step prior to the installation of the Great National Dialogue.


The meetings were held amid an environment of positivity and tolerance. The Alliance of Opposition (Left Wing Party) refused to participate in the meetings until the UN fulfilled a series of demands. One of those demands are plebiscite, which is giving the people the opportunity to vote on changes made to the constitution. 2018 Presidential candidates Salvador Nasralla and Luis Zelaya did not attend the meetings but instead sent delegates from their respective parties.


The main mission of the delegation was to get closer to the different political and social actors in the country in order to prepare the ground for the installation of a participatory, open, and inclusive national dialogue that ends the political crisis unleashed after the elections of the past. November 26.


Envoys of the UN regret not having met with opposition candidates


The special envoys of the UN regretted that it was not possible to meet with presidential candidates Salvador Nasralla and Luis Zelaya, as well as with the coordinator of the Opposition Alliance, Manuel Zelaya; but did not rule out having future dialogues with in order to get their views on the situation in the country.


An official of the United Nations confirmed that the exploratory mission are preparing a report that will be delivered to the UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres.


After these first approaches, the UN will appoint a high-level facilitator. Possible candidates for this position are former president of Guatemala and current president of the Central American Integration System (SICA) Marco Vinicio Cerezo and the ex-governor of Panama Martín Torrijos.

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