Trump will leave Kim standing

US President Donald Trump warned that he could leave the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, if he considers that the meeting that both will hold in June is not being “fruitful”, and announced that his government will negotiate with Japan a new trade pact “reciprocal”.

Trump said he had high hopes for his meeting with Kim at the end of a two-day summit with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe .

“But if we believe that (the summit with Kim) is not going to be successful, we will not have it. If we think it will not be fruitful, we will not go. And if I am there and it is not fruitful, I will leave the meeting. I always like to be flexible and I will be flexible in this “, guaranteed Trump in a joint conference with Abe .

The American leader revealed that he is negotiating “very diligently” with North Korea the release of three American prisoners in the hermetic country, and that there is “a good chance of getting it.”

“We will not repeat the mistakes of other (US) governments. Our maximum pressure campaign will continue until North Korea is denuclearized, “stressed Trump, and said that the ideal would be” to end nuclear weapons in all parts of the world. ”

“We hope to see the day in which the entire Korean peninsula can live together, safely and peacefully,” he said.

Trump and Abe also announced that their governments will begin talks to sign a new trade agreement, and the US leader said he prefers this type of bilateral pacts to multilateral structures such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.

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