Trump to Macron: “Let’s be strong, let’s be united”

US President Donald Trump today thanked French President Emmanuel Macron for his “firm collaboration” in the recent military operation in Syria in response to the alleged chemical attack by the Damascus government and said that it is time to be “strong” and be together”.

“President Macron, people of France, of the United States, now is the time of strength. So let’s be strong, let’s be united, “Trump said after formally receiving at the White House, along with the first lady, Melania, the French president and his wife, Brigitte.

“Together with our British friends, USA and France recently took decisive action in response to the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime. I want to personally thank President Macron, the French Armed Forces and the French people for their firm collaboration, “the US president said.

The United States executed last April 13, along with France and the United Kingdom, an attack on Syria in which 105 missiles were launched on three alleged government installations in which chemical weapons were produced and stored.

“Together we will defeat terrorism. Together we will get rid of weapons of mass destruction in North Korea or Iran (…). Together, we will build a stronger multilateralism, “said Macron, in a few brief statements.

The French president, who arrived in Washington Monday, will hold a bilateral meeting and a press conference with Trump today, followed by a visit to the State Department and a state dinner that same night; and on Wednesday he will give a speech before Congress.


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