Trump signs an order to stop separating immigrant children from their parents

US President Donald Trump signed an executive order yesterday to stop the separation of immigrant children from their parents when they are detained on the southern border, something that has generated criticism around the world.

Trump signed a document that will allow children crossing the southern border with their parents to stay with them in immigration detention centers for a long period of time, a source from the White House explained to Efe.

“We do not like to see families separated. At the same time, we do not like people entering illegally into our country. This solves the problem, “Trump said in remarks to reporters in the Oval Office.

“I did not like to see the separated families or the feelings that this provokes,” said the president, who added that the signing of the decree will lead to “many happy people” in the country.

However, the Trump government plans to maintain the policy of “zero tolerance” against immigration

“We will maintain a powerful border and there will remain zero tolerance. There is zero tolerance for those who enter illegally, “he said.

That policy, inaugurated in April, requires criminal charges against any adult who crosses the border with Mexico irregularly, which caused the separation between children and adults who traveled together to the border, the children are taken away from their parents and pass into the custody of the federal government.

From now on, parents will be taken with their children to immigration detention centers, which will probably generate lawsuits against the White House because it contravenes an agreement that the US government committed in 1997.

This agreement, known as “Flores”, establishes that minors detained at the border can only be deprived of their liberty for a maximum of 20 days.

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