Trump pushes the ban in the United States of the “bump stocks”

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, announced on Tuesday that he has signed a document to propose the prohibition of devices known as “bump stocks”, which make semiautomatic weapons can shoot bursts much faster, like machine guns.

The president’s announcement comes just a week after the killing of the Stoneman Douglas school in Parkland, Florida, where a 19-year-old armed with a rifle killed 17 people, and the national controversy over the regulation of the guns. fire.

Trump explained in an act in the White House that had directed instructions to the Department of Justice so that it promotes the regulation that prohibits these accessories.

“We have to do more to protect our children,” said Trump, who until now had refused to accept restrictions on the right to bear arms enshrined in the Second Amendment of the Constitution.

Bump Fire Stock

The “bump stocks” jumped into public debate after a 64-year-old man opened fire last October against the crowd attending a concert in Las Vegas, leaving 58 dead and more than 800 injured. It was the worst massacre in the recent history of the United States

Systems known as “bump stocks” allow rifles to fire bursts.


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