Trump cools the summit with North Korea

US President Donald Trump admitted on Tuesday that there is a real possibility that the expected summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will not happen on June 12, but “later.”

“Frankly, it would be a possibility to do great things for North Korea and for the world. If it does not happen, it may happen later. Maybe it will happen at another time, “Trump said in the White House Oval Room, when he welcomed South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

Trump and Kim had agreed to a meeting in Singapore on June 12 to discuss the elimination of nuclear weapons by Pyongyang and the Korean peninsula, but in recent weeks that meeting was surrounded by uncertainties.

Beyond the date of the meeting, Trump insisted that Kim is “serious” when referring to North Korean denuclearization. “I think he is serious. I think he would like this to happen, “he said.

Washington and Pyongyang initiated a process of approach at the end of April that would have as a key moment on June 12, but as the negotiations deepened, divergences in expectations also deepened.

According to Trump, Kim seems to have changed his position in relation to that approach after a surprise visit to China, where he met with President Xi Jinping.

“I must say that I was a little disappointed because after Kim Jong Un had a meeting with President Xi, the second meeting (…) there was a certain change in attitude,” the president said.

However, Trump reiterated that, in case it is possible to reach an agreement with North Korea for its nuclear program, Washington will guarantee the continuity of Kim’s government.

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