Trump and Kim Jong arrive in Singapore for the summit

US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un arrived in Singapore on Sunday, two days before an unprecedented summit aimed at resolving the tension caused by Pyongyang’s nuclear arsenal.

The presidential plane Air Force One landed at a military base from Canada, where Trump participated in the summit of the G7.

Hours earlier, the plane that moved Kim landed on Sunday afternoon between strong security measures at the city’s airport. After shaking hands with the Singapore Foreign Secretary, Kim walked the streets of the city in a limousine with two North Korean flags waving in front, surrounded by other black cars with dark glasses, in the direction of the luxurious and guarded St. Regis hotel. Kim smiled widely when he met with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

“The whole world is watching this historic summit between North Korea and the United States, and thanks for your sincere efforts … we will be able to complete the preparations for the historic summit,” Kim told Lee through an interpreter.

every move by the North Korean leader until he shakes hands with Trump on Tuesday will be followed closely by 3,000 journalists who traveled to Singapore to cover the event, and by curious people around the world. This is a reflection of the worldwide interest in Kim’s sudden turn towards diplomacy in recent months, after last year’s nuclear and missile tests that led to serious fears of war.

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