The US wants the OAS to investigate violence in Nicaragua

The United States wants the Organization of American States to investigate soon the violence in the protests in Nicaragua, where at least 45 people have died.

“We have to investigate why people died, the people who were responsible for those murders must be brought to justice, the victims deserve justice for the death of their families,” the US ambassador to the OAS said today, Carlos Trujillo, to a group of journalists in Washington.

“That is something the Permanent Council must address and I hope we will do it soon, this week we have had two meetings about Venezuela, any violation of human rights is something we have to address,” he added.

The anti-government protests in Nicaragua has last 16 days leaving 45 dead, but no meeting has been convened in the OAS, nor is it officially planned for the time being.

Human rights organizations such as Human Rights Watch (HRW) and Freedom House, as well as US senators such as Marco Rubio, have asked the OAS to have their Human Rights Commission, the IACHR, investigate the deaths in Nicaragua.

The protests in Nicaragua arose because of the citizen’s rejection of a social security reform, which was finally dismissed, and ended up being a mobilization against the eleven years of Daniel Ortega in power.

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