The president of the region of Madrid resigns !

The president of the Madrid region, Cristina Cifuentes, of the Popular Party (center-right), today announced her resignation after having been involved in the scandal of a master she failed to prove in recent weeks and the accusation that in 2011 she stolen products in a supermarket.

At a press conference, Cifuentes announced her resignation and said that she had meditated and that he planned to make it public on May 2, at the feast of the Community of Madrid, although she has moved the date of her resignation¬† after the dissemination, today, of a video about the theft in a supermarket that he described as an “involuntary error”.

For a month Cifuentes was in all the media after a digital newspaper published the irregularities in the realization of a Master’s Degree in Public Law that she did in a Madrid university and from which the final work that justifies it has never been found, apart from that some documents had falsified signatures of professors.

In addition, weighs a motion of censure called by the opposition to relieve her of the position, which had to be processed at the beginning of May, and some of her own party colleagues had criticized her for her attitude.

The petitions for resignation began then, although Cifuentes remained in office.

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