The US and the Honduran government sharpen strategy in gang combat

The president of the United States, according to the report of the Ministry of Security, ordered the governors of the different states to register the presence of gang member to implement combat actions and their prompt capture, deportation and disarticulation.


In January 2018, he asked Congress to “close the deadly gaps (openings or spaces) that have allowed the MS-13 and other criminals to enter our country.”
Police reports from that country indicate that more than 1,600 members of illicit organizations have been captured in various operations.

President Hernandez strongly supports the fight against gangs and Drug trafficking

The report details that, “to join in the fight against this criminal organization, President Juan Orlando Hern├índez offered his support to the United States government and at the same time instructed the Security and Defense Cabinet to design new strategies.

Deputy Minister of Security, Luis Suazo

According to Deputy Minister of Security, Luis Suazo, the strategy “will include the strengthening of the legal framework, in order to dismantle organizations from neighborhoods, attack the economic power they have developed and confront the violence that has created pain and mourning.“The strategy will start in the national territory, but that the doors are open for other countries that wish to join in cooperation.”

Police operations have become more frequent and intense as a security measure taken by the Hernandez administration, which has left hundreds of gang members behind bars

He ratified “Honduras’s support to cooperate with the United States to combat the criminal organization MS-13, and other gangs and gangs that we identify in our countries.”

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