The former president of South Korea, sentenced to 24 years in prison for corruption

The South Korean President Park Geun-hye was sentenced this Friday to 24 years in prison for a corruption scandal, the end of the dramatic fall of the first woman elected head of state in South Korea.

The sentence ends a 10 months of trial, in which Park was found guilty of several charges, including abuse of power and corruption.

Park was dismissed and detained in March 2017, a series of suspicions revealed, once again, the illicit relations between the political power and the big conglomerates.

Judge Kim Se-yoon said Park had forced South Korean companies to pay millions of wongs to two foundations controlled by her shadow confidant and a “40-year-old friend” Choi Soon-sil.

“The defendant illegally used her presidential authority to demand Choi to force companies to give money to the foundations,” the judge said.

“The companies were forced to give significant sums of money and the defendant let Choi control the foundations when she had no right to do so,” he added.

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