The ex-bodyguard of Bin Laden, a refugee since 2005, has been arrested in Germany

The Police of Bochum (western Germany) today proceeded to the arrest of the Tunisian Sami A., 42 years old and former bodyguard of the head of the terrorist network Al Qaeda Osama Bin Laden, who resided as an asylum seeker in Germany since 2005 together with his wife and sons.

The arrest occurred during the visit that the detainee is obliged to go to the local police station daily, according to the conditions imposed after his request for asylum was rejected and because he is listed as a dangerous individual due to his past contacts with Islamic terrorism.

Until now he had not been expelled, as a sentence issued in 2017 by a court in M√ľnster established that he was in danger of being tortured and suffering “inhuman treatment”, if he was handed over to his country of origin, Tunisia

A recent ruling of the German Constitutional Court (TC), also referring to a Tunisian citizen, opened the door now to issue and execute an expulsion order against Sami A.

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