The director of the CIA met with Kim Jong-un in North Korea

The still director of the CIA and nominated to be the next US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, had traveled to North Korea at the end of March to meet with Kim Jong-un, with whom President Donald Trump plans to meet in the next few weeks, local media reported.

The trip took place at the end of March, coinciding with Holy Week, and aimed to bring positions on the conditions of the meeting between both leaders as well as the nuclear weapons program of Pyongyang, according to two sources close to the trip cited by The Washington Post newspaper.

Pompeo is called to lead the US Foreign Ministry after Trump himself announced his nomination on March 3 in the same Twitter message in which he told his predecessor, Rex Tillerson, his dismissal.

This maneuver of the White House made many experts fear for the possible meeting between the leaders of the United States. and of North Korea, since Pompeo is known to have a much more warlike character than Tillerson.

According to US officials today, Trump and Kim plan to hold the first meeting between May or June, five possible scenarios are being evaluated, although they did not reveal which ones.

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