The Argentine congress approves law to decriminalize abortion

The Chamber of Deputies of Argentina today approved a bill that seeks to decriminalize abortion until the 14th week of gestation, which now passes to the Senate for treatment and eventual final sanction.

The initiative was approved with 129 votes in favor, 125 against and one abstention, until the last moment had an uncertain end because of the opposing positions both within the ruling party and the opposition -partisan leaders had given freedom of conscience-, which have marked a debate that began at 11.00 local time on Wednesday and has been extended for more than 23 hours.

Among other aspects, the project decriminalizes any abortion until the 14th week of gestation – and not only in the current cases of rape and danger to the mother’s health – it also establishes that if the pregnant person is under 16 years of age, it must be performed with your consent.

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