Taiwan will produce missiles that can reach Beijing due to the of intimidation of the Chinese

Taiwan will produce hundreds of Hsiung Feng IIE and Cloud Peak missiles, that can reach one thousand and two thousand kilometers in range, by 2019, with the help of US ring laser gyroscopes (RLGs), the digital media said today. 

The Chinese capital, Beijing, will be under the reach of Cloud Peak missiles, whose improvement program was resumed during the term of current President Tsai Ing-wen, according to press reports based on statements by senior officials in 2017.

Due to the growing Chinese military intimidation, with the dispatch of planes and ships to the outskirts of Taiwan and military maneuvers in the Strait of Formosa and the South China Sea, it launched a local weapons development program in 2017.

The National Institute of Science and Technology Chung-Shan (NCSIST) is the main institution of research and development of armaments and the space program in Taiwan.

Production of the improved Hsiung Feng IIE and Cloud Peak missiles was ahead of 2019, in the face of  the increasing Chinese military intimidation, according to the Shagbao report, based on statements by experts close to NCSIT.

China held military maneuvers in the Formosa Strait last week, a few days after other maneuvers in the South China Sea

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