Syrian Government Continues to Bomb Damascus Suburb Despite a U.N. Ceasefire Resolution

The Syrian regime launched new attacks last week, launching at least one chlorine attack against the rebel enclave of Ghouta, despite the entry into force of a truce to allow a humanitarian corridor that minimally alleviates the punished region, bombed as never before by government forces since the beginning of the war.

At the same time the rebels launched several rockets from this enclave near Damascus, where the bombing campaign of the Bashar al-Assad regime, with the help of the Russians, already left more than 560 dead in ten days.

The UN confirmed that “the attacks continue,” which makes it impossible to send aid. The day had begun with some normality before the new attacks, and many civilians left the basements where they were hiding to inspect the state of their houses and look for food.

Children are the most affected in this war

The humanitarian situation in Ghouta is dramatic: food, medicines and other essential products are lacking in the region, where some 400,000 people remain isolated due to the siege imposed by the government in 2013. “Lack of everything”, summed up a director of the German Red Cross .

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