Saudi Arabia’s nuclear ambition puts the United States in an awkward position and confronts China and Russia

Saudi Arabia plans to build two large nuclear power reactors in a desert area of its territory made great international powers compete for one of its companies to be awarded this multi-million-dollar contract.

The United States is one of the countries that aspire to become the main ally of Saudi Arabia’s nuclear ambitions in the short term.

Donald Trump visited
Saudi Arabia on May 20 of 2017

However, it faces an important obstacle: the repeated refusal of Saudi Arabia to accept the strictest restrictions against the proliferation of nuclear weapons

And this places the administration of Donald Trump, known for its strong stance against the nuclear activity of other powers such as Iran, in an uncomfortable situation.

It is expected that Riyadh will announce in the coming weeks the final candidates to carry out the work, among which are also allies of the USA. as South Korea or France.

However, among those with more possibilities there are also companies from China and Russia, considered by Washington as some of their main threats

King Salman bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia met last year for the first time with Russian President Vladimir Putin

US technical knowledge makes it an excellent candidate for these works with which Saudi Arabia says it wants to diversify its energy dependence on oil, which is the largest exporter in the world.

Iran agreed to stop some of its nuclear activities after the agreement reached with the US. in 2015.

But unlike Washington, the fact is that Saudi Arabia has good trade relations with China and Russia, which offer less stringent nuclear cooperation conditions than the United States. as the main trick to win this contest.

Saudi Arabia plans to build two large nuclear power reactors.

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