Salvador Nasralla: “gangs are our friends”

Since 2013 when Salvador Nasralla was president and candidate of the Anti-Corruption Party (PAC), he openly acknowledged that ” gangs were his  friends”.He gave that statement when he visited Kenner in the metropolitan area of ​​New Orleans, where he was raising funds for his political campaign.


There is also a recording from morning forum, where Salvador Nasralla confessed to Luís Redondo Guifarro, that “gang members are friends of him “, friends who follow his instructions. At the same time he pointed out to the society that they are good people since he worked with them.




Nasralla made an alliance with MS and the 18 street gang


Salvador Nasralla made an alliance with MS and the 18 street gang to obtain their support in the 2013 presidential elections, with their help Salvador Nasralla managed to prevail over the Liberal Party and the Nationalist in the north zone of the country. 



After Nasralla left his political party (PAC), due to his inability to manage that political institute, he joined Manuel Zelaya to become the candidate of the Opposition Alliance. They had the strategy of maintaining relationships with gangs, so they have their support, in orden to win the general elections in 2017. 


Nasralla promised a truce and pardon if he won the 2017 presidential elections not only for the gang members, but for the depurated police. Criminal groups where the first ones to support the mobilizations and riots of the Opposition Alliance, and not the 80% of the Honduran people as they want to make the international community believe.

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