Radical independenceist elected new president of Catalonia

The Parliament of Catalonia invested as regional president the candidate driven by the deposed Carles Puigdemont, the editor Quim Torra, to regain regional autonomy and resume the confrontation between the independence and the Spanish government.

This editor of 55 years, member of the hard wing of the Catalan independence movement and congressman of the parliamentary group of his predecessor Together for Catalonia, managed to be chosen by 66 votes in favor, 65 against and 4 abstentions of the most radical faction of separatism.

“We will make a Catalan republic (…) Viva Catalunya libre”, he said.

His first act will be to travel to Berlin on Tuesday to visit who he continues to consider as “the legitimate president in exile,” Carles Puigdemont, who followed the investiture of his dolphin live on his computer.

After Torra must swear the post and form a government in this region with 7.5 million inhabitants, a requirement for the intervention of Catalan autonomy decreed by Madrid after the failed declaration of independence on October 27 is lifted.


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