Prison riot leaves 10 dead in Venezuelan state of Lara

A riot within the Fénix Penitentiary Community, located in the Venezuelan state of Lara, left 10 people dead and at least 25 wounded, military sources and non-governmental organizations told Efe.

The brawl was recorded on Thursday afternoon “motivated to the existing discontent in the inmates before the new implementation of internal code,” said a military source.


Some of those deprived of liberty “used firearms and subdued and caused the death of two guards, they took other guards as hostages  who they were wounded with sharp piercing objects. Then they clashed with security personnel. ”

Another eight people, still unidentified and presumed to be prisoners, also died in the middle of the riot, while about 25 suffered injuries, including the deputy director of the prison, Rigoberto Ávila.

For his part, the director of the NGO A Window to Freedom, Carlos Nieto, told Efe that there are 11 deaths and 28 wounded, and criticized the lack of information due to lack of authorities

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