Pope Francis condemns prostitution as torture

Pope Francis asked forgiveness Monday for all Christians who buy sex from women, saying men who frequent prostitutes are criminals with a “sick mentality” who think that women exist to be exploited.

This isn’t making love. This is torturing a woman. Let’s not confuse the terms,” Francis insistedThe pope made the comments during an intimate, four-hour-long listening session with 300 young people who were invited by the Vatican to Rome this week to help church leaders learn what kids these days think about the Catholic Church.

Francis, who has made the fight against human trafficking and modern-day sex slaves a priority of his pontificate, urged young people to take up the fight against trafficking and forced prostitution.

This is one of the battles that I ask you young people to do, for the dignity of women,” he said. Forced prostitution was born of a “sick mentality” that no form of feminism has managed to rid from society, one that thinks that “women are to be exploited.”

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