Political prisoners in Honduras?

During the different protests of the Opposition Alliance (Left Wing party) in various parts of Honduras, the police authorities arrested citizens who carried out: acts of vandalism and disturbances, robbery, damage to private and public property, public disorder and acts of terrorism. Should these detainees be considered political prisoners?

Both the coordinator and former candidate of the Alliance of Opposition, Manuel Zelaya and Salvador Nasralla, have stated to the media that Honduras has 22 political prisoners. They made a call to all the supporters of this political force so that last Sunday they could protest in front of the maximum security prison known as “El Pozo”, in Ilama, Santa Bárbara.

Pizza Hut was one of the many restaurants damage by the riots

Regarding this issue, General Inspector of the Honduran National Police, Orlin Cerrato, denied the existence of “political prisoners” and explained that these”22 cases that are spoken”, are duly documented and there is evidence of their crimes and were arrested for breaking the law.


Also, the official stated that in order for someone to be considered a “political prisoner“, the Penal Code must be revised, where the figures of sedition, treason and illegal protests (Riots) are explained.


Protestors were arrested for committing crimes  


Can it be considered a “political crime” if someone throws Molotov Cocktail at an establishment to set the place on fire, and not only puts many lives in danger but also causes damages to establishment?

There was looting during the riots

There is enough evidence to prove that those arrested in the riots, have committed multiple crimes, causing terror in the Honduran population, damaging the country with their actions of vandalism.

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