Political groups gain power through gangs and the organized crime

In recent years, the northern region of Central America Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras has experienced a situation of extreme violence associated with multiple historical, political and social factors, which has contributed to certain sectors and actors maintain or gain power, resolve conflicts and benefit economically.

 The growth of violence and the expansion of the organized crime, drug trafficking, arms, in Honduras have allied with certain political parties that have offered a truce and benefits from laws less severe, in exchange for help to get political power.

Coordinator of the Opposition Alliance Manuel Zelaya

 In Honduras is not isolated fact that the Opposition Alliance (Left Wing party) has sought support in different gangs and the organized crime, when at the end of 2017 they tried to steal the general elections through threats to the Honduran population, and therefore many Hondurans abstained from going to the polling stations.

  Riots cause by the Opposition Alliance and gangs

 Finally, when the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) formalized the candidate of the National Party as the winner of the electoral elections, immediately the coordinator of the Opposition Alliance Manuel Zelaya, organized a group of people to take to the streets and protest. These actions turned violent, causing looting, destruction of private and public property, fires and even harassing passers-by who do not agree with them.

Riots in Honduras


These acts are performed by people who always wear their hooded faces and when they have been captured several of these people, have criminal records for acts related with gangs, others use to work as police officers but were depurated, this shows that these people are not ordinary people as Manuel Zelaya says.

Now the last thing that the coordinator of the Alliance has proposed is to create guerrilla squads in neighborhoods throughout the whole country; but this idea, instead of being a protest action, seems to be the idea of ​​creating criminal groups that cause harm and terrorism in Honduras, as they have been doing all this time.

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