Pedro Kuczynski resigns from the presidency of Peru after scandal of vote buying in Congress

President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski presented his resignation on Wednesday after a scandal triggered by the dissemination of videos that would verify the purchase of votes to avoid a request for dismissal that was to be defined this Thursday in Congress, according to local media reports.

The congress has already tried to remove the president through a impeachment, and after being linked to the Odebrecht case in December but failed to do so because the youngest of the Fujimori, Kenji, and a group of like-minded congressmen decided to abstain so they did not get enough votes to do so.

Kuczynski, who remained in the presidency for a year and eight months, governed besieged by a majority opposition Parliament which he constantly accused of obstructionist and that was precisely the one that released these videos on Tuesday afternoon.

This scandal also sprinkled the minor of the Fujimori brothers, Kenji, who had left the opposition group led by his sister Keiko, to get closer to the government of Kuczynski, which became more noticeable after the pardon of his father, former President Alberto Fujimori.

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