Peaceful march on Labors Day turns violent in Honduras

While in different countries around the world celebrate Labor Day in a calm and peaceful way; In Honduras, the celebration of May 1 has turned into acts of terrorism by political groups who are against the Honduran government.

A group of hooded men led by former President José Manuel Zelaya, have created chaos in Honduras by burning vehicles, fast food businesses and even the building of the Municipal Mayor’s Office of the Central District (AMDC), which is located in the center of the capital.

One hour after the riots began, the hooded youths continued to cause damage in the Central Park of the Honduran capital. They stained walls, threw bombs and attacked the forces of law and order in this country.


It was also notorious when a group of protesters set several tires on fire in the National Congress, provoking the policemen, said the spokesman of the National Police, Yair Meza

“Some of them had their faces covered, they have stained multiple walls. We respect union organizations that have protested peacefully, but there are infiltrators that have created chaos and that’s we had to take action to control them, “he continued explaining.

The disturbances caused by hooded people, which supposedly belong to groups of gangs, have ruined the march of the workers on Labor Day.


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