More than half of the fruits sold in France contain pesticides

72.6% of fruits and 41.1% of vegetables marketed in France have traces of pesticides, and in some cases with rates above the authorized limits. These are the main conclusions of a study presented on Tuesday by the ecological association Generaciones Futuras. The report is based on the official data of the so-called “surveillance plans” made by the French anti-fraud agency between 2012 and 2016.

Fruit Market in France

Generaciones Futuras has made this report public four days before the opening of the Paris Agriculture Show. And with the data in hand has taken the opportunity to ask the Government to adopt “rapid and effective provisions for the promotion of organic farming” and to reduce as much as possible the use of pesticides in conventional crops.


The most contaminated fruit is the grape, they found pesticides in 89% of the samples analyzed; in clementines and tangerines, 88.4% and in cherries, 87.7%. Behind, with percentages higher than 80% come grapefruit, strawberry, nectarine-peach and apple.

At the opposite extreme, as less contaminated fruits are the avocado, the kiwi, and the plum. In the analyzed samples of mangoes and papayas only found 5% of pieces with pesticides. With regard to vegetables, pesticide residues were found in 84% of the analyzed celery and in more than half of the endives and lettuces.

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