Military operation in Central America achieves to reduce 62% of drug trafficking to the United States.

“Operation Hammer” driven with US support in the Central coastal has achieved since 2012, to reduce by 62 percent drug trafficking from South America to the US market, military sources confirmed on Wednesday.


Chief of Staff of National Defense of Guatemala, Rudy Ortiz, and the head of US Southern Command, John Kelly, explained in a press conference that the results of this strategy were the main discussion of the Central American Security Conference, which it was held at a hotel south of the Guatemalan capital.


At the meeting, which was closed, attended by senior military leaders from Central America, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Colombia, the US and Chile, as well as observers from the Inter – American Defense Board and the Conference of Central American Armed Forces (CFAC).


Ortiz and Kelly both highlighted the success of these operations and reiterated the willingness to continue these strategies against drug trafficking in the region.

Operation Hammer
Tons of cocaine are seized


The Guatemalan military explained that since January 2012, when Operation Hammer was lunched, until today “There has been a reduction by 62 percent of drug trafficking” that goes from South America to the United States.


The other 20 percent, he said, goes to Europe and 18 percent to the Caribbean countries.


Ortiz noted that US cooperation has allowed the seizure of vessels transporting drugs by sea.


Kelly, meanwhile, categorize as “heroic” the effort that Central American countries are making against drug trafficking and confirmed that United States will continue to cooperate with the region.


 “The Hammer Operation has allowed the seizure of hundreds of tons of cocaine with zero violence, Central America is doing an excellent job, ” stressed Kelly, calling it “very dangerous” to these drug trafficking networks.


Southern Command chief said that this operation “succeeded” not only in the countries where it is carried out but in the United States, which has reduced drug use.


 “We have been very effective and we can be more effective if we have more resources, ” he declared.

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