Mel Zelaya in alliance with gangs to create Guerrilla Squads.

Once again the former president and coordinator of the Alianza de Oposicion (Left Wing Party) Manuel Zelaya Rosales threatens the Honduran government and its inhabitants, by creating guerrilla squads, member are these squads are active gang members.

Through his personal Twitter account, Zelaya requested the collaboration of gang members in order to form 10,000 guerrilla squads throughout the national territory to create chaos. Previous actions of protest have left Manuel Zelaya dissatisfied because less and less members of his political party attend to the riots.



The plan of the coordinator of the Alliance of Opposition is that these squads recruit at least 30 gang members in the next 60 days. Once recruited these gang members will be asked to carry out vandalistic, violent, and frightening actions to the inhabitants of Honduras.


Alianza de Oposición Loses Militants 




Those who were once faithful followers of Manuel Zelaya have grown weary of so much call to cause chaos and violence in Honduras. The people have realized that these actions do not benefit the country and that it only causes damage to the millions of Hondurans who are willing to dialogue and reach an agreement for the good of this nation.


The militants of the Alliance have realized that the actions carried out by Salvador Nasralla and Zelaya are based on their personal interest and not on the benefit of all the Honduran people and for that reason they have decided not to comply the calls to the insurrection.


Proof of this is that when protestors are summoned, the number of attendees is small and the acts take less time, that’s why Zelaya is returning to his beginnings of government, resuming his relations with gangs and organized crime to cause damage to Honduras and its people.









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