Manuel Zelaya had links with gangs and the organized crime since 2006

The links between some political sectors, gangs and organized crime is nothing new in Honduras, in the past these criminal groups seized a lot of territory of the country, frightened Hondurans and as a result, in 2006 there was a rise of 80 murders per 100 thousand inhabitants in the country.


Former president Manuel Zelaya Rosales administration, was the most violent period for Honduras, Manuel Zelaya alliances with gangs and organized crime reached a critical point back in 2016, increasing the violence and the crimes in the country.


Last year, the coordinator of the Opposition Alliance (Left Wing Party), Manuel Zelaya was seeking to return to the presidential chair, during the electoral process Manuel Zelaya was involved with the penetration of gangs, who under threat prevented thousands of Hondurans from exercising their right to vote. In the democratic and legal State in Honduras.

Manuel Zelaya Voting


Gangs threatened the Nation Party during the electoral process


Before the general elections of November 26 took place, members of the National Party were threatened and they were forbidden to go to the polling stations, hold political meetings and activities, only the Liberal party and the Opposition Alliance was allow to vote in some neighborhoods

There was a testimony from an employee of a state institution that performs dental brigades, she said that gangs have prohibited her from reaching many neighborhoods to complete her tasks. These actions were especially directed against the National Party and any government employee. Gangs supported the Opposition Alliance and offer them many benefits if this party won the general elections.


What we have to point out about this political crisis in Honduras is that politicians seek support from the gangs to ensure they win the general elections, in a worst case scenario if a politician who has the support from gangs wins the general elections Honduras can fall to the high levels of violence that existed in the past as when it was cataloged as the second most violent country in the world


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