Maduro demands that the EU take out its “noses” of Venezuela

President Nicolás Maduro demanded that the European Union (EU) take out its “noses” of Venezuela, after the foreign ministers of the bloc on Monday assured that Maduro’s reelection lacks credibility and announced new sanctions.

The European ministers “insolently intend to stick their noses in (…) and Venezuela must say Out of here, European Union! Enough of interference! Enough interventionism!” Maduro exclaimed before the governors and mayors of the country .

Referring to the statement approved this Monday in Brussels, the president denounced that the EU acts as “the enemies of the country that repeat every day their threats, coercion, lies and manipulations.”

“Enough of old colonialisms (…), we are no one’s heritage,” said Maduro, re-elected on May 20 in elections boycotted by most opposition parties and also unknown by the United States and several countries in Latin America.

On Monday, European foreign ministers pledged to impose new sanctions against Venezuelan officials in June.

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