Maduro calls on the US to dialogue as it does with the North Korean leader

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, called on Wednesday to the United States to dialogue as he does with the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, warning that he will not surrender to the threats of Donald Trump.

“I think the dialogue processes between the Democratic Republic of Korea and the US government are very positive and could be taken as an example” of a rapprochement between Washington and Caracas, Maduro told a news conference in Bolívar state (south).

The president marked “distances”, however, between the tensions of the White House with Venezuela and North Korea, saying that “we do not have nuclear rockets.”

But the dialogues with Pyongyang “could be taken as an example that the world needs tolerance, dialogue, respect among the different,” Maduro said before a campaign for his re-election in Sunday’s elections.

Washington does not endorse the votes, claiming that they are a “fraud” to perpetuate Maduro in power, whom he calls “dictator” and sanctioned along with more than fifty hierarchies of the Venezuelan ruling party.

“I am willing for that to be resolved, with dignity, respect and dialogue, and for US aggression against our sovereign homeland to cease. Venezuela is a democratic state, “he insisted.

But the Socialist leader warned that his government will not back down before the threats of Trump, which does not rule out an oil embargo and even a military action to “continue isolating Maduro until he gives way.”

“Venezuela is not going to surrender to this empire,” said the president, who denounced the existence of a “powerful lobby” of corruption and former Venezuelan bankers that promotes the “aggression of the United States against Venezuela.”

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