Left wing party in Honduras dissatisfied with the EU report

The coordinator and former candidate of the Alliance of Opposition Manuel Zelaya and Salvador Nasralla, are not satisfied with the report presented by the European Union Electoral Observation Mission (EOM-EU), as observers of the Honduran electoral process, both criticized that the mission is following orders from the United States.

Nasralla discredited the report and the members of the EU-EOM, indicating that they had no technical knowledge and said that next time they invite an organization or a mission to Honduras they should bring technicians that can understand and can endorse, because fraud in Honduras is above all technological, “he emphasized.

Former candidate of the Alliance of Opposition Salvador Nasralla

What did the Alliance expect from the EU report?

The delegation that participated in the oversight of the past general elections in Honduras presented yesterday its final report as well as 15 recommendations.

The report presented by the European Union, did not find evidence of the electoral fraud that the opposition or left wing party has denounced so much. The work done by this mission has been delegitimized and harshly criticized because they the report did not say what the left wing party want to hear. 

The above implies that the Alliance will always be against all national and international organizations that do not support their idea of ​​alleged electoral fraud.

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