Lack of support, differences and corruption in the Maccih, lead Jiménez Mayor to resign

Lack of support, pressure, differences and corruption within the Support Mission against Corruption and Impunity in Honduras (Maccih), urged that the spokesman of this organization Juan Jiménez Mayor last night have presented his resignation irrevocably and decided to return to his native country Peru.

 The spokesman of the Mission made official his exit after two years to the front of the organism, through his social networks where he revealed that from the August of 2017 he does not have a personal communication with the secretary general of the Organization of American States (OAS ), Luis Almagro. The differences were greater on January 30, Almagro refused to receive him during a visit to Washington, United States, to explain the current situation of the Mission in Honduras.

Juan Jimenez Mayor and Luis Almagro

I must regret the lack of personal communication of Mr. Almagro with the head of this Mission since August 2017. This had its greatest expression when not receiving me on January 30 despite knowing that I had traveled to meet him and inform him about the current situation of the Mission, “Jiménez said in the letter.


Also, attorney Julio Arbizu and Judge Daniel Urrutia, who are part of the Mission team that works in the country to combat corruption networks have taken the same path and resign.


Corruption within the Maccih

Jiménez Mayor denounced that within the Maccih there is corruption because there are 33 officials in the Mission, 25 are in Tegucigalpa and eight are in Washington, 25 percent work in the OAS headquarters and we do not know what they do, only two of the officials who work there coordinate things with us, what the rest do ? we don’t know , a man who worked in the Mission, Mr. Jacobo Domínguez they just renewed the contract again, of course we do not know what’s his function , he doesn’t really work for the MACCIH. What we cannot allow is corruption, people who do not work, who are not carrying out specific functions for the Mission, they should not have an employment relationship and that is what we are claiming, and It is one of the reasons why I’m resigning  

Jacobo Dominguez

Jimenez Mayor also said that when you have personnel that do not work for institutional purposes, the money that is incorporated by donors into the Mission, are funds destined for the country, to develop activities in the country, “we do not understand why a person who does not have functions within the Mission, is getting paid  by the Mission funds and I repeat again, his contract is being renewed. “

Jiménez Mayor questioned the fact that Almagro argued that there are no results and here is an obvious fact, the Mission begins operations with Ufecic, this new unit of the Office of the Prosecutor since October of last year and we entered into a different dynamic of work with integrated teams of investigations and we started to work on the case of the Network of Deputies; this case took many hours of work with teams almost exclusively focused on the research and we presented it on December 11.

Juan Jimenez Mayor pointing out the MACCIH’s work

The resignation of Juan Jiménez Mayor came about because of conflicts with the OAS secretary general, in the same way he assures that the relationship between both entities was in its worst terms.

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