Kim praises Putin’s policy towards the US

The North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, today praised the policy of Russian President Vladimir Putin, “to counteract US hegemony,” and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov invited Kim to visit Russia.

“I highly value that President Putin counteracts the hegemony of the United States. You are acting decisively and we are always ready to exchange views with Moscow on the situation on the Korean peninsula, “Kim said at the start of his meeting in Pyongyang with Lavrov.

The North Korean leader stressed that he is meeting with the Russian foreign minister for the first time but he hoped that this meeting will serve to further strengthen ties between Moscow and Pyongyang.

“You are visiting our country at a very significant moment, when the situation on the Korean peninsula is radically changing and moving towards negotiations in line with the interests of the people” of the two Koreas, Kim told Lavrov, referring to the conversations he is having with his South Korean counterpart.

Kim was also interested in the health of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“How is Comrade Putin in health?” The North Korean leader asked, to which Lavrov replied, “his health is magnificent.”

The head of the Russian diplomacy also transferred to Kim the interest of Russia┬┤s “peace, stability and well-being” in the Korean peninsula and the whole region and a “cordial greeting” from the head of the Kremlin.

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