Horacio Cartes resigns as president of Paraguay

Horacio Cartes presented his resignation today as president of Paraguay with a view of taking on as senator on July 1, after winning a seat in the elections on April 22, and not falling into the duplicity of functions.


The oath of the senators and deputies elected in the elections of April 22 for a period of five years is scheduled for June 30. However, it is the Congress, in extraordinary session, which must approve or reject the resignation of Horacio Cartes , if rejected it will complicate the oath of Cartes as a senator.

The president-elect announced last week that the vice president, Alicia Pucheta, would be the interim president of the country, being the first woman to take office in Paraguay.

“I offer my resignation to the office of President of the Republic of Paraguay. To continue serving the country from the Senate of the Nation, fulfilling the popular will deposited in the polls. God bless Paraguay! “, Published Cartes in his Twitter account.

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