Honduras is an international example in the fight against violence.

The arduous and constant work carried out in the last four years by the government of Honduras led by President Juan Orlando Hernández, against the organized crime, international drug trafficking and gang structures is giving results in such ways San Pedro Sula y Tegucigalpa are no longer in the blacklist of the most violent cities in the world.

A Mexican NGO (CCSPJP) issued a new list on March 6, in which the Central District and San Pedro Sula are not among the top 10 most violent cities in the world among 50 listed. Every year, this non-governmental organization refers to the 50 most violent cities in the world. In the case of San Pedro Sula, for many years this city has been on the top 10 of this black list due to the poor efforts in security since 2006. 

Now the northern city of San Pedro Sula is placed at the 26th position and the Central District at 35th position, these results are due to “the pronounced and rapid decrease in homicides in Honduras.

Some of the actions taken in order to remove San Pedro Sula from this black list, was the closure of the San Pedro Sula  Prison, this prison was considered the school of crime due to the poor security and corruption in it, prisoners were not force follow rules and not only they afected the enviroment inside the prison but also the whole city. The closure of this prison was important to erase that dark imagine the industrial city of Honduras had.

President Juan Orlando Hernandez officially closing the San Pedro Sula Prison

Also in the last four years, a security strategy was put in place to reduce homicide levels; it was a hard and arduous job, since the organized crimes and gangs had the main cities of Honduras almost kidnapped; However, after being close to 90 deaths per 100,000 Hondurans, today Honduras has a murder rate lower then 41 deaths per 100,000 Hondurans. 

The prestigious Mexican NGO says that “the improvement is not coincidental,  these results are due to the hard effort by the Government of Honduras.

President Hernandez explaining the results of the homicide rate.

For decades, no government in Honduras had the courage to confront these criminal structures; However, in four years of Hernandez’s administration, impressive numbers were achieved in the fight against the organized crime.

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