Honduras had success in tourism and economy during the Holy Week 2018 (Easter)

Some 3,527,198 tourists, were deployed throughout the national territory of Honduras this Easter, which represented an increase of 7.8% over last year, leaving an economic income of 7,600 million lempiras. The country’s authorities catalog this as a success in economic and tourist matters.

The authorities projected an influx of 3.4 million people that would leave an economic flow of more than 7 billion lempiras; but that goal was overcome  the amount of people mobilized in the country left an economic income of 7,600 million lempiras.

Trust returned

“The success achieved this year is only the beginning of what is coming in terms of tourism promotion, said Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández, who also emphasized that this topic I will take, as I did with the issue of security, because I know the potential we have “. President Hernandez also gave details of his goverment plan ,the six pillars of the 20/20 Plan, in which tourism is included and will generate the most employment in the country.

The Honduran during this Holy Week demonstrated his pride for his country and became a promoter of Honduras. It is incredible what we are achieving, taking into account where we came from. We come from being the most violent country in the world, only a few years ago, recalled the head of the Executive.

While the Minister of the Honduran Institute of Tourism (IHT) Emilio Silvestri, said that “The goals we had as an Institute were overcome and this is a synonymous of confidence that Hondurans have in their country,”


For his part, the vice president of the National Chamber of Tourism of Honduras (Canaturh), Epaminondas Marinakys, said it is incredible how the Honduran has regained the sense of security, with the mobilization we had this year.

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