Honduras and the UN develop sustainable value chain projects

Honduras and the United Nations Environment Organization  presented, on Thursday, April 12, a series of strategies to benefit the food system, cities, sustainable value chains, tourism and sustainable purchases in the region.

The document details how the five areas will be strengthened and will be with the development of technologies in food production, applying codes of sustainable construction, created rules for public purchases, the implementation of stamps or labels to identify “green” products “, among others…

These guidelines were exhibited during the Strategic Framework for Sustainable Consumption and Production in Tegucigalpa, Honduras and will be implemented in their production and consumption development projects.

The entities involved properly manage the resources to do more things with less effort and with due care of the environment to take care of everyone’s health …

The Strategic Framework is an effort managed by the Secretariat of Natural Resources and Environment (Mi Ambiente) and CONADES, with the technical support of the National Cleaner Production Center of Honduras (CNP + LH) and the technical and financial support of UN Medio Ambient.

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