Heat wave in Pakistan leaves 65 dead

The heat wave that ravages parts of Pakistan amid widespread power cuts killed 65 people in Karachi, a Pakistani welfare organization said on Tuesday.

The morgue of the Edhi group, which also manages the largest ambulance service in the country, received 65 bodies in the last four days, including those of people who died after losing consciousness in the street, said Anwar Kazmi, spokesman for the group.

Those people died before they could be transferred to a hospital, he added.

The Pakistani government did not confirm the death toll.

According to the Pakistani state meteorological agency, temperatures in Karachi could reach 44 degrees Celsius (about 111 degrees Fahrenheit) later in the day.

In recent years, climate change has generated several heat waves in Karachi, the capital of Sindh province, where 1,233 people died because of the high temperatures in 2015.

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