Five people died when a helicopter crashed in New York.

Five people died on Sunday when the tourist helicopter in which they were traveling fell to the East River, in New York, as reported by the US news network ABC. The helicopter, operated by the company Liberty Helicopters and that had been hired for a photo session during the afternoon, ended up crashing on the New York River with six people on board, five passengers and the pilot.
Rescue divers from the New York Police and the City Fire Department managed to get three of the passengers out of the helicopter, which was completely submerged. They were immediately transferred to the nearest hospitals with a very serious prognosis. All three have died hours later while being treated by the emergency services. The authorities recovered the corpses of the other two passengers, the pilot was the only survivor, since he managed to leave the aircraft by his own means.

In agreement with the Federal Aviation Administration, the helicopter was a Eurocopter AS350. The aircraft began to lose altitude around seven in the afternoon (local time) while flying over the Roosevelt island, between Manhattan and Queens. According to local media, the pilot would have sent a distress signal shortly before crashing in which he mentioned a problem with the engine. Next, the emergency services received a call alerting that the helicopter was upside down in the East River water.

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