First humanitarian convoy enters Guta Oriental after ceasefire approval.

The convoy of the UN, the Intentional Committee of the Red Cross (CIRC) and the Syrian Crescent (SARC) has been composed of 46 trucks loaded with medical equipment and supplies destined for hospital centers, as well as food for 27,500 peopleĀ . The unloading has taken place in the city of Duma, the most populated in the area with about 120,000 inhabitants.

“We are aware that the aid does not cover all the needs of Guta, but it is a beginning,” says Ingy Sedky, spokesman for the ICRC in Syria.

The bracketing of five hours of pause is an insufficient period for a distribution that involves a complex logistics management and whose transport has to be carried out in simultaneous coordination with the Syrian troops and the different local armed groups. “The trucks will not leave the area until the aid has been downloaded and we make an assessment of the needs on the ground,” say both spokesmen.

A second convoy will also enter Duma next Thursday with food for another 70,000 people. The last aid that the inhabitants of Guta received goes back to the past 14 of February and only it alleviated to 2.6% of the surrounded population.

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