ExoMars, prepared to track methane on Mars

The European mission ExoMars is ready to start doing science and study in the atmosphere of Mars trace gases, including methane, with enormous geological or biological implications and about which there is scientific controversy regarding its origin and even existence.

ExoMars is a European project with two missions: the first, launched in 2016, is composed of a satellite for the study of trace gases in the Martian atmosphere (TGO), and a demonstration module of entry, descent and landing called Schiaparelli, which collided with the surface of the planet by an error in one of its units which motivated the opening of his parachute ahead of time.

Artistic impression of the satellite for the study of trace gases of Exomars (TGO) orbiting Mars

The second mission is an exploration vehicle, which will be launched in July 2020 and which will be activated in March 2021 with the objective, of taking and studying soil samples: learning about Mars is essential to understand the history of the solar system and prepare future human missions to the red planet.

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