Ecuador: President analyzes luck of kidnapped journalists

Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno and his cabinet will analyze the the fate of a journalist team allegedly kidnapped by dissidents of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia while waiting for a Colombian delegation to coordinate a binational military response against that irregular group.

The Ecuadorian president, who was interrupted in his participation in the Summit of the Americas in Lima, had given the night of Thursday 12 hours to the dissidents of the FARC to give a proof of life of the kidnapped journalists before a forceful reaction by the military from both countries.

President Juan Manuel Santos affirmed in his Twitter account that he made available to Ecuador the Minister of Defense, Luis Carlos Villegas; the general commander of the Armed Forces, General Alberto Mejía, and the director of the police, General Jorge Nieto.

He also said that “I spoke with the president of Ecuador … and I reiterated that he has and will have all my support, that of our Armed Forces and the Colombian people.”

The journalistic team of the Ecuadorian newspaper El Comercio had traveled to the border of Colombia to gather information about the violence generated in the area by Colombian illegal armed groups. It is believed that they were kidnapped on March 26 by dissidents of the dissolved FARC. Neither the Colombian nor the Ecuadorian authorities have confirmed or denied that version.

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