Duterte says he will resign if big protests of women against him arise

The president of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, said he would resign if big protests of women against him arise, after a controversial public event in Seoul where he kissed a woman on the lips.

If enough women (…) sign a petition to resign, I will do it, “Duterte said on his return to the country after concluding an official visit to South Korea last night.

On Sunday, during an event held with the Filipino diaspora in the South Korean capital, Duterte called two women on stage with the excuse of giving them a book and one of the attendees claimed a kiss as compensation on the lips.

The behavior of the president was described as “macho” and criticized by several organizations of Filipino women.

The 73-year-old Filipino president, a confessed womanizer and known for his usual out-of-tune speeches, has already been the subject of controversy on numerous occasions for comments considered sexist, misogynistic or derogatory towards women.

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